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BB Direct has been helping automobile dealerships, service centers, and specialty auto repair shops since 2003 with their direct mail marketing data needs. Because of this, we’ve developed a number of auto mailing list solutions that help marketer zero-in on their very best prospects. Our customers who typically test our list products find them to be accurate and affordable. They soon realize that our level of customer support is unmatched in the list data industry. We win business by partnering with our clientele. We evaluate our client’s campaign needs by first learning more about what they have done in the past, and especially what they have not done. It is only then that we can make an experienced backed automobile mailing list recommendation.

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Not All Auto Mailing List Sources Are the Same

Never before has the accuracy of auto vehicle data been more important to dealership direct mail. The Driver Privacy Protection Act of 1994, as well as the Shelby Bill Amendment to this act, has virtually removed the ability to compile DMV data without the auto owners’ consent.

BB Direct’s Automotive Database Comparison Study

BB Direct has embarked on a study to compare and contrast the 4 leading auto mailing list sources. Each of these new sources contributes their own variation of compilation methodology, accuracy, and coverage.

Comparison / Verification Process

Within our study, we used only those sources that allowed us to output the auto make, model, and year built. We also required that the databases must release their data for direct mail purposes, and finally, all participating auto files needed to be nationwide in coverage.

Auto Mailing List Credit Score Qualifies and Captures

By design, auto mailing lists are created for different purposes, but in the end, they are created to sell cars. "Pre-qualified" or "pre-screened" data is one of those types of lists. Used correctly, pre-screened auto credit mailing lists help pinpoint a qualified buyer who’s also potentially in the market to shop for a new vehicle.

What exactly is a prescreen offer of credit? A pre-screened offer a credit is an offer made through your typical direct mailer that include a statement about the recipient’s eligibility for a new car loan. Essentially, car financing is based on two things, proven income, and credit score. If an individual’s credit score satisfied the banks finance requirements, we can invite them to come to the dealership, look at a particular car, and be assured that they will approved for financing. The beauty with using this type of mailer is that most everyone who responds to the direct mail will be approved. The dealership doesn’t have a bunch of unqualified car shoppers eating up valuable sales person’s floor time.

Black Book Automobile Value Enhancement

The Black Book value is the daily updated stated value of a used vehicle. Many things go into the value of a used vehicle. From make, model, year built, and features of the vehicle, but also mileage, condition and maintenance history of the car, but also the location. Road and weather conditions of a vehicle can also change the depreciation rate of the vehicle. Black Book value can be appended to your auto mailing list.

For purchases of helping automotive dealerships sell more new cars, Black Book value comes into play in a number of ways. It approximates the trade-in value of a vehicle at time of purchase. It also can be used to predict the condition tolerance of a particular buyer. Some people are used to driving well maintained vehicles, while others have a higher tolerance for driving their vehicle well beyond 100,000 miles.

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